Minh Chau beach

Minh Chau beach
Minh Chau beach is located in Quan Lan island, the beach allures tourists with its wild landscapes, along with quiet and fresh atmosphere. A short tour to Minh Chau will surely be a great choice for those who would like to get away from the harsh summer sun, and the noise of urban life.

Minh Chau island commune belongs to Van Don Island waters with an area of about 168km2. It mostly includes interconnected islands and is a popular rendezvous preserving the pristine purity of the island landscapes. On the way to Minh Chau Beach, tourists will be impressed with the tree-lined footpaths and through towering casuarina forest, together with sea breeze harmonizing the wave's sound.

Discovering and bathing in Minh Chau Beach is actually amazing experiences. Almost tourists admire its beauty thanks to the white and smooth sand. Sea water is blue with the waves rushing to shore. The background of beach is sloping. Standing on the sand overlooking the sea, tourists will have a chance to admire the immense and majestic sea, and heaving rock islands under the waves. Thanks to a length of more than 2km, Minh Chau Beach is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam. In addition, tourists also have the opportunity to visit a dune in the left of Minh Chau Beach, experience thrills with big waves and white sand... or enjoy the romantic and quiet atmosphere of fringe beach just above Minh Chau Beach. It is home to fine sand and multi-shape rocks which are extremely spectacular.

Despite just developing its tourism, Minh Chau converges all the elements to become a tourist center of the whole island. Minh Chau Beach owning 1.5km long with sandy beach is actually suitable for those who love playing sports and swimming. In particular, moderate waves facilitate children and women who would like to learn to swim at sea. In addition, the beach on the left side of Minh Chau Beach owns white sand, big waves and the place turtles laying, which is suitable for those who love to explore and experience. Small yard behind Dau Cao Cape on the right hand of Minh Chau Beach is actually quiet and peaceful. Its sand and rocks are very beautiful, which suitable for a romantic evening of young couples. Besides, Be Thinh Beach nearby with its length of 3 km along with Robinson Motel at the end of the beach will certainly offers tourists an unforgettable experience.

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