Viola cruise

Halong Viola cruise


Viola Cruises is proud to welcome you on-board, one of Luxury boats for your dreamlike in Halong Bay!
Much of our delicious, traditional cuisine is derived from the riches of the sea, and our love of family, friends, and gathering around a good meal shines through in the many tastes of Vietnamese cuisine. The magnificent limestone islands found in Halong Bay, along with the mysterious and beautiful caves scattered throughout, mirror the beauty, grace, and mystery of our homeland.
Our newly-built wooden junks are designed in the time-honored traditional style, but with contemporary, deluxe cabins and facilities, including sea-view windows in each cabin, private, modern bathrooms, and a comfortable sun-deck bar. Our cooks will serve you the tastiest traditional Vietnamese foods, and our staff will help you learn about our current lives as well as our ancient history.
Visiting the most famous Vietnamese World Heritage Site with Viola Cruises is absolutely one of the highlights of your travels throughout Vietnam.




Address: 18B/2 Trai Alley, Dong Anh District, Hanoi city, Vietnam
Hotline: +84.1688.861.242

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