Five most reliable taxi companies in Halong city

Visitors coming to Halong not only to visit the bay, Halong city itself is a very attractive destination with many worth-visiting places, and traveling around the city by taxi is a very convenient and public transport in this developing city. If you want to move around, call a taxi, it's affordable, convenient to all places without worrying about getting lost. Just refer to some taxi companies that we will introduce to you below.
Five most reliable taxi companies in Halong city

1 - Taxi Sao Quang Ninh
Tel: 020 382 2822.
Taxi Sao Quang Ninh Ha Long

Taxi Sao Quang Ninh is a locally established taxi company with a long operating time that has contributed a lot to the development of Quang Ninh's transportation industry. The car company has a large number of passenger cars that are cared for and maintained regularly, making the image of Sao Quang Ninh Taxi more beautiful, Halong bay cruise.

Taxi Sao Quang Ninh with advantages such as:
- Professional drivers, dedicated and with many years of safe driving experience.
- Good quality car, fully equipped with equipment, clean and cool.
- Courteous and polite service attitude to passengers in the car makes you comfortable. private Halong cruises

Taxi Sao Quang Ninh always serves you with enthusiasm, each driver of Sao Quang Ninh Taxi is a dedicated and professional guide. This will make you satisfied with the service attitude of the car company with the wonderful tourist land that everyone knows like Halong city today. Call Sao Quang Ninh whenever you want.

2 - Taxi Phu Binh
Tel: 0203.3.599.599 - 0203.3.481.589 - 0203.3.619.555
Taxi Phu Binh Halong

Phu Binh Taxi is one of the famous taxi companies with a wide range of activities covering over half of the Quang Ninh area. The company specializes in the field of transportation including passenger buses and taxis. The liner not only serves customers in Halong area but also expands to Cam Pha, Uong Bi and Dong Trieu. Sapa Halong tours

Strong points of Phu Binh taxis are:
- Friendly, dedicated and skilled driver gives you a sense of security and peace of mind.
- wide operation across Quang Ninh province makes it convenient for passengers
- Beautiful cars, good quality, fully equipped and regularly cared for.
- Booking a car through the company's own application is easier and saves time.

3 - Taxi Mai Linh
Tel: 0203 628 628 (Halong)
Taxi Mai Linh Halong

Mai Linh Taxi is a famous reputable car company that spreads its operation across Vietnam. The scope of operation of the car company is very wide and in Quang Ninh is also one of the locations of Mai Linh taxi company. With many years of experience and long-standing reputation, Mai Linh always brings credibility and makes customers satisfied by it's best service. Hanoi tours

The good impression that Mai Linh gives to customers is:
- Professional, attentive, enthusiastic and safe service makes you satisfied.
- The green color of the car creates a friendly feeling right from the first meeting.
- Minimize travel costs for customers.
- Application to find cars is very convenient.

This taxi company always has a large number of cars to serve you in Cam Pha and Halong areas in Quang Ninh. Mai Linh Taxi always aims to build a team of professional drivers, providing customers with the best service. To meet the increasing needs of customers, the company is constantly improving service quality.

4 - Hong Gai Taxi
Tel: 0203 3848484
Hong Gai Taxi Halong

Hong Gai Taxi is a transport service Halong city, Quang Ninh province. Along with the development of the current tourism trade in the area, there are many different taxi companies competing to operate and develop to promote the passenger transport service industry. However, along with the dedication and efforts of the staff in the company, Hong Gai Taxi has grown more and more and contributed more to the cause of the local passenger transport service. Sai Gon tours

Taxi Hon Gai is constantly improving service quality for customers. They always serve you with all respect and accompany with the operating motto of the comanyt is Taxi Hong Gai is a safe choice for your journey. As long as you want Taxi Hong Gai will be with you on every journey.

5 - Taxi Thinh Hung
Tel: 02033616161
Taxi Thinh Hung Halong

Thinh Hung Taxi with long-term experience in the passenger transport service industry is always one of the reputable names in the area. There are many options to travel around in today's modern society, however, Taxi is always a popular form for many people because of its convenience, thoughtfulness and speed, more and more taxi companies are born to serve customers. However, to receive the best and effective experience, don't forget to contact Thinh Hung Taxi. It would be a wise choice to help you depart safely. Halong bay tours

Hopefully the information we provide above is really useful to everyone. Wish you have safe, fun and convenient trip to Halong city and Quang Ninh province.

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