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Some facts about Halong travel visitors need to know
  Many tourists often think that they should book services through the owners (of the villas) or directly at the reception (hotels, homestays) for peace of mind and cheap prices...

Some notes when traveling to Cat Ba island in peak time
  When booking a room via a booking application, you should call the hotel to check, you should call the hotel to check again before the departure date to ensure your room is secured...

Bai Chay and Hon Gai areas of Halong city
  A bridge divides Halong city into 2 areas in terms of price and culture. Visitors should note and avoid booking in the wrong area and have to call a taxi up to 10km away...

Should you visit Halong bay in July?
  The average temperature is the highest of the year, averaging about 30 degrees Celsius with quite high humidity. Therefore, at this time, many tourists come to Halong bay to avoid the heat...

Is halong city worth visiting?
  Halong City serves primarily as a starting point for boat tours and cruises exploring Ha Long Bay. The city itself has some attractions, such as Bai Chay Beach and the Sun World Halong Complex...

How to get from Halong Bay to Mai Chau and vice versa?
  To travel between Halong bay and Mai Chau in Vietnam, you have a few options. The most common methods include taking a combination of buses or hiring a private vehicle...

How to get from Halong Bay to Sapa and vice versa?
  There are no airports in either Halong Bay or Sapa. The nearest airport to Sapa is in Lao Cai. If you are traveling from Halong Bay, you would need to first go to Hanoi and then fly from Hanoi to Lao Cai...

Some notes about payment and tips on a Halong Bay cruise
  Additional costs incurred while on a cruise that you may need to use can be mentioned. Such as spa, room decoration for special occasions, drinks during meals...

Activities not to be missed in Lan Ha Bay
  Kayaking is an option that many visitors choose when coming to Lan Ha Bay. This is one of the easy ways for you to explore the natural beauty of the bay...

Explore the beauty of Vung Vieng fishing village
  Coming to Vung Vieng fishing village, visitors can participate in many new experiential activities such as immerse yourself in the daily life of fishermen...

Luong Ngoc beach in Bai Tu Long bay
  Right from the first revealed images, Luong Ngoc beach has captivated visitors with its quiet, airy, fresh landscapes, completely different...

Halong bay cruise, should I book online?
  The common problem faced by most travelers before the trip is whether to book a tour online or going through a local travel agent...

Should young children join the Halong overnight cruise?
  Families often worry about children running around and being hyperactive. Is it safe to spend the night on board on the bay?

Halong Bay cruise, 2 days or 3 days?
  Most tourists choose the Halong Bay cruise for two days and one night. It is a good option to fully enjoy this breathtaking natural site.

Trip to Co To island 2023
  I have recently had a trip to Co To with my colleagues in the company. The trip lasted 3 days, but it was 3 beautiful days, so I got around the island.

Best time to visit Halong Bay
  Winter lasts from December to February next year. The cold climate, with drizzle as well as fog, adversely affects your journey. But it is dry season.

How to choose the right cruise in Halong bay
  About 15 years ago, cruise ships in Halong Bay were mainly wooden boats with a limited number of rooms, the advantages of these wooden boats.

How to rent a boat to visit Halong bay
  Currently, there are 5 tourist routes to visit the bay so you can choose to take you through most of the attractions in the bay such as: Thien Cung, Tam Cung, Sung Sot cave, Ti Tot island.

How to plan your budget for a trip to Halong bay
  Here are the Halong travel experiences for newcomers compiled by Cruise-Halong-Bay.com. The article provides tips, specific instructions on how to go, how to choose the means and time.

Five most reliable taxi companies in Halong city
  Visitors coming to Halong not only to visit the bay, Halong city itself is a very attractive destination with many worth-visiting places, and traveling around the city by taxi is a very convenient and public transport.

Top 8 entertainment places in Halong city visitors cannot miss
  Halong Bay is not only a natural wonder created in favor of Vietnam, but it is also a great pride for the people of Quang Ninh province. Therefore, this place is always an attractive tourist destination in Vietnam.

Top 5 Best Yoga Centres in Halong city for foreigners
  You are visiting Halong city in a few days and want to find a good place to practise Yoga for international visitors? With the growing trend of Yoga practice in the office staff and housewives.

Traveling to Halong, don't miss Bai Chay old town!
  Old quarter of Bai Chay (Little Vietnam) or the ancient quarter of Halong is a tourist attraction in Halong city. Traveling to Halong without going to this charming old town is a pity.

Sightseeing tickets and entrance fees to Halong bay
  From April 1, 2017 Ha Long Bay management board collects fees for the whole route, not for each attraction as before, so the fee for visiting Ha Long Bay increases.

10 best restaurants in Halong city
  So the following article I would like to share with you the list and addresses of the best restaurants in Halong area for your reference and choose the most suitable restaurant for you.

5 best homestays with reasonable prices in Halong city
  With a green design, the campus is planted with many trees and is decorated aesthetically to create a cool and clear atmosphere but still equally elegant and elegant.

Dragon Eye island in Halong bay
  Dragon's Eye Island is the common name that refers to Bai Dong island, an island located in the south of Halong Bay, near the waters adjacent to Lan Ha Bay

How to visit Halong bay by air
  In the 60 minute flight Hanoi to Halong, travelers will have a chance to watch the panorama view of Halong bay on high at 500 - 3000 m. In your sight is thousands of limestone rocks jutting high from the tranquil blue water...

How to arrange a private Halong cruise
  For those who take 2 day tour staying on board the cruise you will have more activities. There are many tour company offering private charter cruise with full service such as Paloma cruise, Helios cruise, Victory Star cruise...

Top 5 best attractions off the beaten Halong bay
  One of the most interesting cave I have ever been to. Hanh grotto is located at the foot of Quang Hanh mountain in Cam Pha township and entrance is along the coast, I came here in 2008 when I visited a friend who lives in Cam Pha...

Five best hotels in Halong bay
  One of the first high end hotel in Halong city, the 4 star Halong Dream hotel is ranked among the best hotels for family going on holidays with children. Halong Dream hotel has a total of 184 rooms fully equipped with the finest...

How to book a Halong bay cruise
  Halong is a sea bay and no wonder food served on cruise ship is mostly seafood with fish, crabs or sentinel, prawn, squid...The food on board is cooked in Vietnamese style, you can also request other things like beef, chicken...

Top 6 best cruises in Halong bay for budget travelers
  From outside, Cristina cruise looks weathered and a bit old however once on board you will find it pleasantly different. There rooms are large and in very good condition, all cabins are equiped with air conditioner and heater...

Visit Halong in winter
  Winter in Halong Bay is a really good time to visit. From December through to late February every year, the temperatures drop to around 16 - 18�C. The bay is calm, quieter than in the real peak season, and with little wind, holidaymakers...

Natural beauty of Halong bay
  Located in Northeastern Vietnam, Halong Bay is 165 kilometers from Vietnam's capital, Hanoi, and forms a part of the Gulf of Tonkin. It is possible to arrive by land via Halong City, but the best way to come is actually by boat from Hanoi...

Halong bay in north Vietnam
  Sipping a cocktail on the top deck off one of these vessels, whilst watching the sun bid farewell to the day, in Halong Bay, has to be one of life's great experiences....

A halong bay trip
  If you have booked a trip to Halong Bay or are seriously considering visiting this amazing place, I have to congratulate you. You have made an excellent choice. Put simply, it is a feast for the senses...


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