How to rent a boat to visit Halong bay

Renting a boat to visit Halong Bay is the first choice of tourists when traveling to Halong. In this article, we will share with you useful experiences when renting a cruise ship in Halong: from choosing a cruise ship, suggesting reputable places to rent a boat, to notes to help you avoid from awkward situations when chartering a cruise ship.
How to rent a boat to visit Halong bay

Why taking a cruise to visit Halong Bay is the first choice of tourists?
Visiting Halong Bay by cruise ship is always the first activity of all tourists when traveling to Halong. Join us to find out why chartering a cruise ship to visit Halong Bay is one of the choices of many tourists when coming here:

Discover the beauty of the natural wonder of the world - Halong Bay
Taking a boat to Halong Bay, visitors will admire the system of more than 3000 large and small islands undulating on the blue sea. Visitors will think that they are lost in the middle of a petrified fairy world, attracted by the quiet and peaceful space of heaven - earth - sea. To enjoy that beautiful scenery, one of the means you should choose is a day tour boat. Halong bay tours

Currently, there are 5 tourist routes to visit the bay so you can choose to take you through most of the attractions in the bay such as: Thien Cung, Tam Cung, Sung Sot cave, Ti Tot island, etc. The ship runs by the hour, On a long trip, you can visit many places, stop at many caves. The short trip only goes through the most prominent spots but saves time, suitable for families with the elderly and young children to avoid being tired when traveling by ship for too long.
Visiting Halong Bay by cruise ship

Visiting Halong Bay by cruise ship is the best option.
To visit Halong Bay in 2021, there are 4 options for visitors to choose from:
+ Rent a cruise ship to visit the bay,
+ Book an overnight cruise on a cruise ship,
+ Take the Queen cable car to see the bay,
+ Fly seaplane.
Each form will give visitors different experiences on Halong Bay. For example, Halong cruise offers visitors a relaxing trip on the bay, cable cars and seaplanes offer a stimulating experience of watching the bay from above. private Halong cruises

Renting a cruise ship to visit Halong Bay is the best choice in terms of cost and time for tourists, you can easily compare through the table below:

Form Cost  Time
Cruise ship to visit the bay 650,000 – 700,000 VND/pax Boat visit the bay full day or half day
Book a cruise from 1,700,000 VND or more  Fixed schedule
Rent a seaplane to visit the bay  from 2,000,000 VND 25 minutes/trip
Cable car to visit the bay 350,000 VND/Entrance fee 15 minutes/trip

With the advantage of price, short time is not boring, there are many time frames to choose from… Cruise ships are the first means of transport that tourists should choose for their trip to visit the bay. With Entrance fee prices, how to visit the bay, places to visit the bay according to the itinerary, you can find out more in the following article:

Next, we will share detailed Halong cruise boat rental experiences for you: experiences on when to take a cruise to visit the bay, options for sailing to the bay and finally some suggestions for you. number of reputable boat rental units in Halong.
cruise to visit Halong Bay

1. The right time to take a cruise to visit Halong Bay
Visitors can come to Halong Bay at any time of the year. At each time visitors should pay attention to the following information: deluxe Halong bay cruise

Peak tourist season (from April to September): This is the most crowded time to visit Halong Bay. At this time, you will have difficulty in renting a boat because the number of passengers is higher than the capacity of the ships. In order to take a cruise to visit the bay smoothly, visitors should book a boat before the date of departure, to avoid renting a boat close to the time, there will be no boat or being hired at a high price.

From October to March next year: This is the time when foreign tourists come to visit the bay the most. This time is also not the peak season so it is quite cool. Although it is not the peak season for Vietnamese tourists, you can still come here to experience the romantic chill on the bay that no other season has. Halong at that time was quite peaceful, gently bringing a strange feeling.

Note the stormy months: June - July is the month with a lot of storms hitting Halong Bay, it often rains, making the landscape gloomy. Not often, but if there is a big storm, the tourism management board here will ban cruise ships from taking guests to the bay and spending the night on the bay. So, if you travel to Halong this season, make sure you regularly update the weather before buying ship Entrance fees.
Halong boat cruise

2. Forms of visiting Halong Bay by cruise ship for tourists
Visitors can choose between 2 ways to visit the bay by cruise ship depending on the number of people going. If traveling in groups, tourists should rent a whole ship, both saving and having more private space, organizing better mass activities without fear of disturbing other individual guests. tours to Sapa, Halong bay
+ Joining tour to visit the bay by cruise ship: Another option for individual guests is to buy a tour to visit the bay by cruise ship. The difference compared to buying individual Entrance fees above is that in addition to visiting the bay according to the route, this tour includes eating and participating in some other activities on the visit with the tour price from only 600,000 VND / person.
+ Rent a boat to visit the bay: For groups of 10-15 people, you can rent a private boat to visit the bay.

3. Boat charter price to visit the Gulf 2021
To visit Halong Bay, you need to meet two requirements. First, visitors need to buy a scenic Entrance fee "Halong Bay entrance fee", currently the Entrance fee is priced at VND 290,000/person/route (including VND 250,000 Entrance fees for attractions of the route and VND 40,000 entrance Entrance fees to Tuan's port). Chau).

3.1. The latest listed Entrance fee price to visit Halong Bay
There are 5 routes to visit Halong Bay by boat for tourists to choose from, with time ranging from 4-6 hours. You can refer to the detailed schedule of each sightseeing route below, choose a suitable route when buying Entrance fees.

Another note is that if you are traveling with a family with elderly people and children, you should choose routes with a short time. At the same time, the price below is only the Entrance fee price to visit Halong Bay to submit to the state. To visit the bay, you need to buy a tour to visit Halong Bay according to the following routes:

Sightseeing route


Reference price(VND/pax)
Route 1 Ship Port - Van Canh Park -  Thien Cung Cave - Dau Go Cave - Dog Stone Islet - Ba Hang fishing village - Dinh Huong Islet - Trong Mai Islet (Ga Choi. Tour time is about 4 hours. 290,000 VND
Route 2 Ship port - Park of caves -  Soi Sim beach - Ti Top island - Sung Sot cave - Me Cung cave - Bo Nau cave - Luon cave - Trong cave - Trinh Nu cave - Ho Dong Tien cave. Tour time is about 6 hours. 290,000 VND
Route 3 Ship port - Marine Cultural Conservation Center -  Cua Van Floating Cultural Center - Tien Ong Cave - Ba Ham Lake - Ba Men Temple - Ang Du - Truc forest. Tour time is about 6 hours. 250,000 VND
Route 4 Ship port - Marine entertainment center -  Co cave - Thay cave - Cong Do - Cap La cave - Vung Vieng fishing village - Tung Ang ecological area - Cong Do - Hon Xep park. Tour time is about 6 hours. 250,000 VND
Route 5 Ship port - Gia Luan Wharf (Cat Ba - Hai Phong) -  Cho Da island - Ba Hang fishing village - Dinh Huong island - Trong Mai island (Ga Choi). Tour time is about 4 hours.

290,000 VND

Sightseeing route Schedule Reference price (VND/pax)

You can choose early morning or noon trips to be more comfortable in travel and rest. Peak days: Saturdays, Sundays, festivals, summer, retail fares remain the same. The most prestigious place to buy Entrance fees is Tuan Chau international passenger port terminal. If you are traveling alone, you may want to ask the hotel staff to book the ship for you.
Halong charter cruise

Besides, visitors can buy Entrance fees through a reliable travel agency so that they don't have to wait on peak days. Taking advantage of the fear of waiting for a long time, some taxis and motorbike taxis often buy Entrance fees first and then sell them back to tourists at a high price, but you should not buy Entrance fees in this form to avoid buying Entrance fees at high prices or buy illegal Entrance fees.

3.2. Join group tour
Another option for individual guests is to buy a tour to visit the bay by cruise ship. A special feature of this tour is that it includes dining and participating in some other activities on the tour.

A package tour will include the following services:
+ Pick up and drop off at Bai Chay area, Tuan Chau
+ Entrance fees to the Bay
+ Lunch on board
+ Fruit snacks from the way to the shore
+ Guide on board
+ Passenger insurance
+ Kayak bout
+ This form is chosen by the vast majority of small families. You can easily book this tour at the hotline below with the price from only 650,000 VND:

3.3. Package charter price of a cruise ship to visit Halong Bay
For groups of 10-15 people, you can rent a private boat to visit the bay with space and a comfortable schedule. Here are some popular ship types that you can make a quick note of for your upcoming trip:

Cruise to Halong and reference price Service

18-seat luxury cruise

3,000,000 – 5,000,000 VND


  • Large and cold cabin, high-class wooden floor
  • There is a sun terrace, restaurant, bar

48-seat cruise

2,500,000 – 3,800,000 VND


  • Large cabin with private balcony
  • The room is airy, fully furnished: minibar, air conditioner,
  • There is a restaurant serving food

72-seat cruise

3,300,000 – 8,900,000 VND


  • Interior design, harmonious layout
  • There is a restaurant serving food

99-seat cruise

 5,000,000 – 7,000,000 VND


  • The ship is wide, beautiful and airy
  • There is a restaurant serving food

Note: The above rental price does not include Bay Entrance fee, shuttle bus, insurance, tour guide, drinking water, kayak and meals.

A small note if anyone goes on peak days: Saturdays, Sundays, festivals, summer, this price list usually increases about 30% compared to the above price. To avoid crowds, you should still book the ship in advance when going.

One of the reputable cruise ship booking units in 2021 that we would like to introduce is AZway, when you call the Hotline number below you will be advised to choose the type of ship and how to book the most suitable for your group..

4. Some reputable cruise ships for rent
Here is a list of some quality, cheap and reputable Halong Bay cruise ship suppliers you can refer to:



Bai Tho Passenger Transport Company

  • Address: 5 Le Quy Don, Bach Dang, Halong, Quang Ninh
  • Phone: 0203 3525 998 – 3525 998; Fax: (84 33) 3625 709
  • Number of boats for hire:  12 boats to transport visitors to the Bay during the day, 15 yachts to serve guests staying overnight on the Bay

Huong Hai Group

  • Address: No. 1, Dao Garden, Bai Chay, Halong, Quang Ninh
  • Phone: 033. 3845 042; Fax: 033. 3846 263
  • Website:

Tuan Chau Five Star Cruise

  • Address: Tuan Chau Ward, Halong City, Quang Ninh
  • Phone  (033)384-2368 ; Fax  (033)3842366 
  • Number of boats for hire:  5 boats of different standards: Paradise Luxury, Paradise peak, Paradise elegance.

5. The pier location for visitors to visit Halong Bay
After choosing a chartered ship, contact and book a boat. Depending on each boat rental unit, visitors can go to 2 places to pick up the boat to visit Halong Bay as follows:

Location Information
Tuan Chau International Port

  • Address: Ngoc Chau Ward, Tuan Chau, Halong City, Quang Ninh
  • Tel: 033.3842134
Hon Gai Vinashin passenger port

  • Address: 6A Le Thanh Tong, Halong City, Quang Ninh
  • Tel: 0203 3819 233

These are two docks that gather most of the ships of many different units. However, you should avoid the situation that when you arrive at a new leased wharf, you can't choose a boat you like and encounter "triggers" that push the price up.
chartering a boat in Halong

6. Notes on chartering a boat in Halong
Halong is like other tourist cities, although it is not too popular, there are still some situations of tight control. So, let's become smart travelers who are not easily "bullied", through some tips revealed by us right below.

+ It is recommended to book the ship in advance to get a good price and avoid running out of ships.
+ Boat rental prices are quite different, visitors need to choose reputable companies to hire, avoid waiting, or not be able to pair ships as desired.
+ With large groups of guests and yacht charters, visitors need to know the accompanying services to use and protect their interests to the maximum: food and beverage services, performances or enjoying coffee on board, visit the bay on the terrace,...
+ Guests can negotiate food and drink on board or ask for a menu in advance. If some ships allow you to bring items on board, you can buy seafood directly on the Bay and hire a boat to process it for you. If you buy drinks on the ship, you should consult the price because it will be much higher than on the shore
+ Absolutely do not bring food and seafood on board without permission because you will be charged a very high service fee.
+ It is necessary to consult and understand your itinerary to avoid being cut off attractions.

Hopefully, with the above experiences of choosing Halong cruise ships, you can completely rent a cruise ship to visit the bay while exploring the whole bay and saving money for the whole journey. Don't forget to share with us your experiences in your upcoming Halong trip right in the comments below!.

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