Top 5 Best Yoga Centres in Halong city for foreigners

You are visiting Halong city in a few days and want to find a good place to practise Yoga for international visitors? With the growing trend of Yoga practice in the office staff and housewives, many women have flocked to yoga centres to relax, beautify, lose weight, prevent and treat diseases. However, nowadays, choosing a good place is not an easy task. And today I would like to introduce the list of the best yoga centres in Halong city.
Top 5 Best Yoga Centres in Halong city for foreigners

1 - AKC Fitness Plus and Yoga Ha Long
Studio 1: No. 22 - 24 lane 360, Quang Trung - Uong Bi city. Tel: 093 630 3932
Studio 2: Dong Hung Thang tourist area. Tel: 0913 264 548
Studio 3: Coastline Column 5 - Hong Ha Ward. Tel: 091 326 45 48.

AKC Fitness Plus and Yoga Ha Long

You are also wanting to try your hand at Yoga but are wondering where is the best place to learn Yoga in Ha Long? Choosing a place to learn Yoga that meets international standards such as AKC Fitness Plus and Yoga Ha Long will be your right decision, Halong bay tour.

- Effective and safe weight loss
- Improve body shape and preserve youth
- Relieve stress and balance life
- Effective in repelling disease and improving health
- Improve and strengthen the immune system, help blood circulation better
- Help prevent back pain improve health

Guaranteed after only a period of practice here, you will see a markedly improved health condition, relaxed spirit, maintained balance and much more.

2 - Shanti Moon Yoga
Address: No. 12, Group 3, Area 4C, Hai Thanh Street, Hong Hai Ward, City. Ha Long.
Phone: 090.2626.888
Opening hours : 05:00 - 21:00

Shanti Moon Yoga Ha Long

Are you living and working in Ha Long or just a foreign visitors coming to Halong a few days? You want to exercise, you want to have a beautiful body? You need to find the best and most prestigious Yoga places in this city? Then Shanti Moon Yoga and Yoga Ha Long is also a perfect suggestion for you.

In addition to proven benefits such as improving physical fitness, losing weight, regulating blood pressure, rosy skin, Yoga also heals wounds, relieves stress, and brings inner strength. And finding a perfect place to practice like Shanti Moon Yoga Ha Long is the right decision when you want to try this subject. At the Yoga class, the center has an Indian teacher with international qualifications who will guide beginners 5 classes / day from 5h - 20h.

Practice of Yoga exercises, along with standard techniques, dedicated and thorough guidance of teachers at Shanti Moon Yoga Ha Long will help you own a toned, attractive body, a bright skin and a relaxed soul, and at the same time limit the shoulder pain, degeneration, spine spine extremely effectively, Halong cruises.

Therefore, what are you waiting for, enjoy life and experience the best with Shanti Moon Yoga Ha Long right now!

3 - Green Fitness & Yoga
Address: Doc No. 2, Group 5, Area 6, Gieng Day Ward, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh
Tel: 038 691 9999
Opening hours: 05:30 - 21:30

Green Fitness & Yoga Ha Long

When learning about the best yoga places in Ha Long, you must have heard many times when you were introduced to Green Fitness & Yoga. So are you curious about this name? Let's find out some interesting information related to Green Fitness & Yoga right here!

With the desire to create a prestigious, quality and convenient yoga practice address to serve all students and enthusiasts of this subject, during the past time, Green Fitness & Yoga has been constantly improving. curriculum, learning, updating knowledge not only about yoga expertise but also knowledge about pathology, research on human body structure, brain science, knowledge related to Yoga to make a system Yoga training instructions are scientific, easy to practice and suitable for the health status, needs and practice habits of students. This is the difference and at the same time one of the outstanding strengths that have helped Green Fitness & Yoga attract a large number of students today, tour to Sapa Halong bay.

4 - Elite Fitness Ha Long
Address: 3rd floor Vincom Plaza Ha Long, Quang Ninh
Tel: 0203 3841 166
Opening hours : 06:00 - 22:00

Elite Fitness Yoga Ha Long

Elite Fitness is also a prominent name in the list of the best yoga studios in Ha Long today by:

The space of yoga studio and group class is spacious, and always full of natural light
Hundreds of group classes, yoga and a variety of exercise programs to meet the needs of each member
Luxury 5-star standard bathroom area with sauna, hot and cold shower
The overall club is luxuriously and harmoniously designed to meet the training needs of healthy people.
A team of professional and dedicated customer care staff and coaches always listen and support you.

Here, the exercises are systematically and scientifically built from basic to advanced levels, so students will improve day by day and do not feel bored during the learning process, plus a practice area. very clean, harmonious colors, students will always feel comfortable, comfortable and not feel pressured. In addition, students are also guided by the most professional and thorough coach, even if you are inexperienced, they will quickly adapt, thereby helping you to achieve your goals for a career. healthy body, toned body, perfect figure.

In short, Elite Fitness is the place to form a lifestyle, provide a source of knowledge, and support you during your Yoga practice, as well as other sports to help you achieve your fitness and fitness goals. satisfied in life.

5 - iFit Ha Long
Address: 4th Floor Goldland Plaza, No. 536 Nguyen Van Cu street, Ha Long city, Quang Ninh.
Tel: 0968.946.656
Opening hours : 05:30 - 21:00

iFit Yoga Ha Long

Yoga classes at iFit Ha Long are always appreciated by a team of highly qualified, dedicated yoga teachers, large space, open eyes. With the customer as the focus, the gymiFit Ha Long is committed to always providing the best services to customers, creating the best conditions for trainees to exercise, achieving the highest efficiency in improving health and improving physique.

iFit Ha Long builds Yoga exercises from basic to advanced, suitable for a wide range of students, helping to regulate the body, eliminate toxins, bring health both physically and mentally. . With a team of teachers who have many years of experience and are well-versed in Yoga, the constantly changing exercises at iFit Ha Long will surely bring you useful training sessions.

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