Visit Halong in winter

Visit Halong in winter Most travelers visit Vietnam in wintertime, this is dry season in the country. Winter in Halong Bay is a really good time to visit. From December through to late February every year, the temperatures drop to around 16 - 18�C. The bay is calm, quieter than in the real peak season, and with little wind, holidaymakers can expect excellent conditions for cruising. It has become increasing popular in recent years. This is, of course, hardly surprising. Halong Bay Vietnam is six hundred square miles of scenic magnificence. The crystal clear, blue water contrasts beautifully with the two thousand limestone karst islands, that pepper the whole area.

Whilst the vegetation is not as abundant as in Spring, the islands can still look their best. Mists roll in during the early part of the days and create a magical ambience to the place. As the boats slip silently between the islands it really does take on a mystical appearance. The boats stop off to visit some places of interest. Sung Sot Cave, the Surprise Cave, is one of the more popular stops. It's stalagmites and stalactites have fascinated people through the ages. Now lit by electric lights, they present an excellent visual experience for explorers. To gain access, tourists have to climb up to a high spot on Bo Hon Island. The view from here at this time of the year is amazing.

It is not surprising that Halong Bay has been rewarded by some many different organizations over the years. UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site, because of it's outstanding natural beauty. It was then voted as one of the "Seven Wonders Of Nature" in a global poll. CNN, Time magazine and many other world travel companies have included it in their top ten destinations anywhere on earth. The credits continue to roll in as more and more people become aware of, what used to be one of Vietnam's best kept secrets.

Tourism over the years has climbed steadily, and in the peak season the Bay can expect to see approximately 8000 visitors per day. Hundreds of tour boats now work in the area giving many the chance to cruise round the whole area in complete luxury. The standards of these vessels is very high indeed. Following on from safety scares a few years ago, strict regulations have been put in place. The old boats are disappearing are brand new ones are replacing them. Whilst keen to keep the aesthetic appeal of the old junks, the new ones are built to look the same. However, these are a completely different animal. High tech in every way, they incorporate the very best of safety features and captains and crews are very well trained.

Halong Bay is quite simply, one of the finest vacation destinations in the world. Travelers will enjoy it's scenic beauty, flora and faun whenever they visit. It makes a pleasant change though, to find a truly great location, that isn't completely governed by the time in which you visit. Whether you chose peak season or the quieter winter months, you are guaranteed to be completely enthralled, taking home memories to last a lifetime.

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