Peony cruise

Halong Peony cruise


The new standard of luxury cruise in Lan Ha Bay has arrived, taking the form of the Peony Cruise. In fine wood and velvet, our ship is ready to indulge its passengers in opulence across one of the most special landscapes in the world. We offer prestige and class during our sailing, something that perfectly accompanies the sea in which we cruise.
The Peony Cruise makes its home in Lan Ha Bay, the southern route of Halong Bay, encompassing the same limestone karsts as Halong but without the influx of tourist boats. This is a quieter way to see Halong Bay; the few cruises that operate here can often enjoy extended periods of silence during their various excursions and the Peony Cruise is no exception.
Discover a world uninhibited, in Lan Ha Bay with the Peony Cruise.




Address: 18B/2 Trai Alley, Dong Anh District, Hanoi city, Vietnam
Hotline: +84.1688.861.242

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