Traveling to Halong, don't miss Bai Chay old town!

Old quarter of Bai Chay (Little Vietnam) or the ancient quarter of Halong is a tourist attraction in Halong city. Traveling to Halong without going to this charming old town is a pity. Let's explore the old town of Bai Chay Halong right now!

Halong tourism attracts a large number of domestic and foreign tourists with attractive entertainment venues such as: Sun World Ha Long Park, Sun Wheel, Tuan Chau amusement site, Ha Long Marina and museums. Quang Ninh, Bai Chay...And yet, a Little Vietnam - Bai Chay Old Town was built that has won the hearts of many people, Halong bay cruise.

Traveling to Halong, don't miss Bai Chay old town!

About Bai Chay old town
Bai Chay old town is located in the urban area of Halong Marina, Ha Long Street, Bai Chay township. This is not an ancient and mossy street because this 'old town' has just been built since 2016. But the street is very...lovely. Little Vietnam faithfully reproduces the traditional and old beauty of Hanoi 36 streets and Hoi An. All the old business lines and lifestyles of Vietnamese people are gathered together in a single street. Bai Chay old town has an extremely ideal location, in the middle of the two sides is a pedestrian street, the other side is a road for transportation and business. It is open 24 hours a day and visitors are free to enter, tours to Sapa and Halong bay.

If you love the beauty of Hoi An ancient town, or if you love the peace in the corner of Hanoi's old quarter? Visitors to Halong can completely feel the similar sense in the old town of Bai Chay - which combines harmony and dynamic melody, recall the most wonderful thing of the ancient streets of Vietnam.
Bai Chay old town

Walking along the street, you will see the houses side by side, mossy sidewalks or lanterns swinging in front of the veranda. In particular, the houses here are painted in the typical Vietnamese traditional yellow color. In the midst of a magnificent Halong, there is such a hidden Hoi An in a city, surprisingly beautiful.

Besides 'Hoi An ancient town', travelers to Halong bay will encounter a miniature of Hanoi's old town. Even the Hanoians can hardly distinguish that an old town Bai Chay can be built so skillfully and delicately, private Halong cruises.
Little Vietnam Halong

However, somewhat quieter than Hanoi's old quarter and a little more modern than Hoi An's old town, Bai Chay old town also has beautiful close-ups like in Europe. These are the divine selfie corners that help photographers take ecstatic photos online without editing. Every street, corner, and alley can become a great background, both like heaven and like a fairy that makes people get lost in and don't want to get out. That is the difference that exists inside Little Vietnam - recreated but still has its own unique features. Currently, Bai Chay old town also combines many commercial ideas, living space and retail business to please tourists to Halong bay. From restaurants, cafes or souvenir shops, all have their own differences.
Halong ancient area

What activities are there in Bai Chay old town?
On your exciting trip to Halong, spend 1 to 2 hours exploring Bai Chay old town! In addition to the breathtaking scenery on both sides of the road, visitors to Little Vietnam can also enjoy attractive and famous Ha Long specialties. Coming to Ha Long, you must definitely enjoy the seafood dishes!

In the evening, the street lights up, visitors will be immersed in the poetic space of shimmering lanterns. Lost in a cafe decorated as an art and history exhibition, visitors will be immersed in the heroic moments of the nation. And yet, visitors to Halong bay also have the opportunity to enjoy themselves in lively pubs on Bai Chay beach, enjoy delicious food on the street...
Halong old quarter

Not far away is the famous poetic Bai Chay bridge. Dubbed the "harp of Ha Long", Bai Chay bridge has left people with sublime moments. At night, the bridge becomes more sparkling and brilliant. Visitors can stand on the bridge, zoom their eyes into the distance to feel a peaceful but full of life Ha Long at night, or drop their souls in the cool breeze blowing from the coast, Halong bay tours.

And yet, when traveling to Halong, don't miss the opportunity to have fun at Sun World Ha Long Complex, right near Bai Chay old town! This is an entertainment paradise, attracting a lot of attention from young people. Sun World Halong Complex has a lot of thrilling entertainment games such as roller coaster, sun rotation, overhead cable car with panoramic view of Ha Long,... Just a few hours of at Sun World Halong Complex, perhaps all sadness will have to dissipate.

Bai Chay Old Town is really Little Vietnam - a miniature Vietnam in one street. That place has nostalgia for the past, but also has the joy of reality, it really makes people nostalgic and don't want to leave. If you are a lover of nostalgia, or simply want to find a place to experience, do not miss the interesting old town of Bai Chay during your upcoming trip to Halong bay!

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